Saturday, July 18, 2015

One Of The Guys Who Appeared On Bad Girls Club Season 7, Shot And Killed! Details Here:

One of the guys from 'Bad Girls Club: New Orleans' was shot and killed this week in. Fontino Hardy Jr was one of thhe 'hook-up' guys from that season and was the reason why, cast members: Tasha and Tiara had a huge physician dispute! He was the one with dreads. CBS news reports he was and killed at a parking lot this past Tuesday! 

JoeyBGCBlogger's tumblr blog reports it was a drive by shooting and a 17 year old was shot but is now in stable condition. Fontino was taken to the hosipital when he was pronounced dead.

Here was on Episode: "Better Off Dread" (Episode 6) 

Here's Some Photos Of His Bad Girls Club stay:   

#RIPFontino, Rest Easy

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