Thursday, July 16, 2015

Mob Wives Season 6 Set To Have New Cast Members, Marissa Jade and Brittany Fogarty!

It looks like we're going to see some new faces on Mob Wives: Season 6, which is continuing filming right now! The New Faces are rumored to be Marissa Jade and Brittany Forgarty, joining Renee, Carla, Drita, Karen, Big Ang, and Natalie G

Here's some photos of Marissa Jade and Renee, Carla and Karen: 

Here is Brittany Fogarty with Karen: (Britt Is The Blonde) reports that Marissa Jade has ties to Drita, for growing up with her husband, Lee. Brittany Fogary's Dad has affiliations with Karen's Dad, Sammy The Bull, which explains why she's been hanging with Karen a lot! 

Also, Love Majewski, who was a full time cast member in Season 3, but got fired and didn't show up to the reunion, after her physical altercation with Carla, is rumored to be a "friend of the wives" this season! 

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