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LHHATL: (Season 4), Episode 12 Recap: Gifts, Reconciliations, Showdowns and A Surprise Return!

Hey everyone! Yes, Today is Sunday, The Lord's day.. And it's also a surprisingly BRAND NEW episode of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta! It's a brand new episode due to for the viewers to tune in to Basketball Wives LA right after. This is the ONLY week Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta will air on Sunday's. 

Episode 12 picks up where last Monday's had ended: Rasheeda and Erica rolling up on Ashley Nicole and Kirk, while they were on the road (not literally) for Ashley's promo tour. Rasheeda bangs on their door, demanding Ashley Nicole to answer the door and Erica rings the doorbell multiple times, while hearing Ashley Nicole giggling, as well as saying: "Oh Sh*t!". Ashley Nicole opens the door, and tries to stop Rasheeda and Erica from entering, but they both walk in, look around the house, and find out that's there's no Kirk! But then, There happens to be another woman in the room... It happens to be Ashley Nicole's Girlfriend, Jamie, who have been dating for 2 years! What a twist! Ashley plays for the other team! Ooooo! Ashley Nicole starts getting all hyped up, starts fuzzing, cursing and all because they barged in their room, and Rasheeda feels stupid because she accused Kirk and Ashley of cheating... for the longest and now there's nothing to complain, hit someone, or get all bent out of shape about. Ashley Nicole starts making Rasheeda feel more stupid, yelling, saying that Rasheeda was wrong, even she knows she is. Rasheeda tells Ashley to 'pipe down' and stop being disrespectful, which then Jamie and Rasheeda start arguing because Jamie feels like Ashley Nicole has been being a good girl to the DLO Entertainment Company but Rasheeda feels like she's disrespectful and doesn't know her place. Rasheeda wants to know where's Kirk and Ashley tells her that He's down the hall. Rasheeda and Erica leave, and Jamie and Ashley are in awe about what just transpired! 

Scrappy meets up with The Bam, who is baking something sweet, to the pleasure of Scrappy and Scrappy says that he wants to do something sweet for The Bam, due to what Ernest and Momma Dee got transpiring, but not marriage-related. Scrappy starts confessing his love to The Bam and Bambi says that she doesn't want something special, but with a price on it. She wants something that is priceless and which they can keep forever, like the Promise/Friendship/Love Ring, which had been seen in Season 3. Scrappy then tells Bambi he has a surprise for her, and he pulls out a..... Key to his house! Bambi loves it but she feels that the Scrappy and Erica child support issue, needs to finalized and handled, because it's going to feel really awkward around them, knowing the situation, as well as Bambi bonding with Emeny, their little daughter. Bambi tells Scrappy to meet up with Erica, hash the issues out, and Scrappy says that he needs angels around him because she's a devil, and he's only doing it for The Bam and his daughter. 

We catch back up with Rasheeda, who is still feeling stupid about the Ashley Nicole incident, and is headed to Kirk's 
room to let some frustration pour out. Rasheeda then admits that she was wrong and feels embarrassed about getting all hyped for nothing, and that she left Erica in the lobby because she was enjoying the drama. Kirk opens the door and Rasheeda asks him what is he doing, and Kirk, in a huff, says that he is listening to music. Kirk says that he had no idea why Rasheeda is there and then Rasheeda lays into him. Rasheeda says how she was pissed off how Kirk didn't even answer his own hotel room phone... Ashley did, and that she's also mad that Kirk did fill Her in that Ashley Nicole was playing for the other team, which then Kirk gets his karma in talking. Kirk starts laughing and then says that Rasheeda shouldn't have got all cray cray like that for no reason, and Rasheeda defends herself saying how people get hood sometimes. Kirk and Rasheeda begin to make love, while Erica is in the lobby, waiting for Rasheeda, while Kirk and Rasheeda begin making love on the bed. 
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Mimi meets up with Jazzy Phae and starts apologizing for her messiness that happened in his studio with Jessica Dime and Tiffany Foxx. Jazzy Phae accepts Mimi's apology and Jazzy begins to warn Mimi to be careful of who she works with because wrong people can damage her reputation!
Jazzy Phae says that Dime was very disrespectful and wants nothing to do with her, but he says that he wants to work with Tiffany Foxx. Mimi thinks that's a good idea but not really because she has to find another producer for Dime, someone who is ready to put up with her sh*t! Jazzy says that he probably has a record for her, but she needs to perform and show some action. Mimi says in her confessional that Tiffany may not work with her, due to the last studio incident but if Mimi sincerely apologizes, then Foxx will maybe accept. Mimi and Jazzy hug it out and both head back to work. 

Joc meets up with Khadiyah, and we also learn from Joc, that Khadiyah left him, handcuffed to the table the last time they met up. Khadiyah says in her confessional that she really wants Joc back, but he needs to prove it to her. We then see Joc holding some papers in his hand, which makes Khadiyah suspicious. Joc tells Khadiyah that he has finally gotten a divorce from Alex, which makes Khadiyah's entire world light up! Woohoo, Joc!!! You came through and delivered as stated! Joc says he never wanted to be divorced, but since He's in a committed relationship with Khadiyah, He did it, and all he will do from this day forward is take care of his kids, with no strings attached... To ANY of them! 

Kaleena meets up with her new manager, Deb Anthey because she has been feeling kinda strange, since Tony made her have second thoughts about the new management, and Kaleena has heard about town that a few former clients of Deb, have left her and Kaleena is there to find out why as well. Kaleena tells Deb the truth about what Tony really thinks of her managing and Deb tries to figure out the next game move. Kaleena says that Tony wants Her to explore her options with managements, but Deb doesn't want that. Kaleena asks Deb about what can she do to help her career and Deb cuts her off, saying that she's getting nothing but garbage from Kaleena and then the gloves are off! Kaleena begins to shade Deb, asking her who does she manage now and asking her what's the last career she has up'ed, which really gets Deb in a roar. Deb tells Kaleena that she's being disrespectful in her home, which she doesn't like and they both decide that they're going to go their separate ways! 
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Scrappy meets up with Erica, as Bambi's wish to discuss the child support issue, and how to get past it. Erica's dog, runs up to Scrappy and then Scrappy and Erica talk, smoothing things out, and both agreeing that they need to come up with an agreement with the child support, something that wouldn't make them argue as heated as they did last time. Scrappy says that if he doesn't need to pay Erica to better Emani's life, he will. The two admit that they want to be better parents, then shake hands and smile while doing it! 

Mimi meets up with Tiffany Foxx to apologize and give her some good news about what Jazzy Phae said! Mimi starts off by apologizing to Foxx for the first studio incident and Foxx accepts it. Mimi says that she didn't mean for it to go down that way and then she tells Tiff the good news! She tells Tiff that Jazzy Phae wants to work with her, but not Dime, which makes Tiff laugh. Tiffany says that she's ready to work with Mimi, and that it something about Mimi that is manageable! I think we found a resolution, ladies! 

Ashley Nicole is doing a photoshoot, and surprisingly Kirk wanted Rasheeda to attend and Rasheeda put her big girl panties on and she attended! Ashley Nicole begins slaying, wearing a cute green jumper, while Rasheeda takes picture of her. The photoshoot ends and Ashley Nicole begins giving Sheeda props, which was highly appreciated by Rasheeda. Rasheeda then apologizes for how she turnt up and how she was wrong. Ashley Nicole feels like it's okay but they both did things that were uncalled for and all they can do is move on. Ashley Nicole then begins talking deeper, into her personal life, saying how she has never had a close parent or person she can bond to, and that's why she acts out, which she shocks Rasheeda because Rasheeda never knew! Ashley Nicole then says she wants to look up to Rasheeda as a long lost relative and friend and also a woman's touch sorta... but then changes it and says 'input' and the two begin to laugh away! Growth is the way, ladies!!! 

Yung Joc and Sina are being great parents for their kids and take them out for some bonding and fun time, but Joc wants to come clean about Khadiyah and where he wants to be. Joc and Sina walk away from the kids, and begin talking about Joc's shady ways. Joc tells Sina that he wants to be with Khadiyah but Sina calls bullsh*t! Sina calls bullsh*t because just a couple weeks ago, Joc was kicking it with her. Sina also feels like Joc should start leaving Khadiyah alone, stop chasing her, and start in fact spending the kids. All of a sudden... Punches start flying, cursing being said, pulling and all! It went from sweet to saucy in a New York minute! Joc then walks away, tells Sina that she's being very dramatic, and Sina sits down and reflects on what just happened! 

Mimi and Jessica Dime roll up to Jermaine Dupri to get Dime to work with him. Mimi says that before they arrived, she begged Jessica to stay on her best behavior and she can't mess it up! Dupri tells Dime that he hears that she's a trouble maker in the street and is turnt up, but Dime laughs and denies! Mimi begins to tell Durpi about Dime's life in the strip club and how she wants to do music with a producer, and then Dime says she brought her music, and begins twerking and singing to her song, Disrespectful. Dupri shares his feedback as "stripper fight music" but does say this is the beginning of a music career for her, and He likes it. Mimi asks Dupri about any tracks he has but Dupri says that she has to work hard in order to have it, which Jessica is willing to achieve. Jessica and Mimi walk outside happy, but mainly Jess, who is super happy and thanks Mimi for everything she has done. Dime admits that she was on her last brink with Mimi, but that's not the issue now! Mimi gives Dime management papers so she can decide where she wants to stay with MF Management or not. Dime also starts tearing, saying how she didn't think anyone would believe in her, but Mimi does, and says she's willing to do whatever to help her. 

Kaleena, working in Club Kapture, where it's night time, drinking flowing, club bopping, but Kaleena ruins the joyful mood by bringing up Deb... Rasheeda walks through the joint and they begin talking about the Deb incident. Rasheeda is shocked and appalled by it, but doesn't really understand why Deb was so defensive. Kaleena states that she's over it and then we get a surprise guest..... Tammy Rivera, LHHATL Season 3 former cast member, and is known for having her ass stomped out by Joseline *sips tea* but anyway, Tammy walks in Club Kapture and immediately begins arguing with Kaleena. Tammy, saying in her confessional, that she's only here to back Deb up and when Deb told her about their explosive argument, Tammy wanted to defend her. Tammy says that Kaleena was being disrespectful and all hell begins breaking loose! Tammy tells Kaleena to not get smart and get her hand out her face and Tammy and Kaleena start getting in each-others face, start making fighting threats and it comes out to be a TBC: To Be Continued...

Ugh! Welp... Tune in next week to see the other explosive half of Tammy vs Kaleena, Tammy drops a huge bombshell on Rasheeda about Kaleena, and a physical dispute occurs between Sina and Khadiyah! Yikes! 

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