Monday, July 6, 2015

LHHATL: (Season 4), Episode 11 RECAP: Management Blowups, Performances, and Exposed Promo Tours!

We are back on this breezy Monday, as well as another drama-filled episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, aka #RatchetMondays and we are started off, continued with the studio showdown between Jessica Dime and Joseline. Joseline, sipping her drink, comes closer to Dime but not to hit her, just to see what's up, since she's been hearing that Dime has been looking for her. Dime, smirking and folding her hand down on the piano between them, tells Joseline that she has reached out to her a few times to catch up and chat, since arriving in the ATL and Joseline has completely neglected her. Dime starts speaking on how Her and Joseline used to kick it when she temporarily used to visit ATL and they used to have a ball, but Joseline claims that they've only "kicked" it once or twice! Dime, looking fiesty as usual in her confessional, as well as referring to Joseline as Shenellica Bettencourt, saying how Joseline can keep playing it up and lying about their close friendship but she's about to spill the T! Joseline says that she's been hearing on the street (Messy Karlie Redd) that Dime was saying that they hung out in Miami a lot, which supposedly isn't the case according to Joseline but Dime says that they used to kick it a lot and she considered her a friend... Well Dime, it doesn't look like she wants to kick it with you anymore boo. Dime started throwing out accusations about Joseline and how they danced for a while in the strip club, and Joseline seems very un-interested and continues to deny the accusations. Dime continues referring to Joseline as Shanellica, which upsets Joseline but Dime doesn't really care because she insists on calling her that and when Joseline tells her that's not her real name, Dime puts on her shady boots and tells her: "Girl, How you know Shanellica isn't cho' real name, because you don't even know your own name" HOLD UP! HOLD UP! That was a clapback at its finest! Joseline says that Dime doesn't really know her good enough because if she did, she would know that Her real name is Joseline, but clearly she don't because she don't. Dime starts saying how she used to go and roll through Joseline's parents house, and Joseline continues living in a delusional mind set, and says how Dime and her were never really close and hung out at her parents' house 1 time, as Dime is wanted the whole world to know they were occasionally hanging out, which is not the clear case. Dime brings up how she heard as well in the street, (Messy Redd) that Joseline strongly cleared up that they only shared a locker room and never hung out, which Joseline admits saying and stands by it, but Dime as well strongly clears up that 1) They WERE really great friends, 2) Joseline had sex with her and she "drank from the fountain of Dime" and 3) They made hella money, stripping and hung out in there as well, and then it goes crazy from there! Joseline calls Dime her 'bitch' and Dime calls Joseline her 'trick'..... Oh lord, it just got hot up here in the A! Dime says Joseline payed her for sex and tricking, and Joseline makes it rain on Dime's ass! She starts throwing 5$,10$, 15$, and even 20$' but Dime implies that Joseline is throwing only little mula' and that Joseline didn't pay that much in the strip club because she was broke. Joseline tells Dime that she made it rain on her, how she needs money and that she pays all of her hoes! Joseline continues to make it rain, while even stating that Dime is Stevie J's bitch! Dime gets fed up with the money throwing and says that all Joseline came up with is very little money, in the time range of 4 years and now and sh*t hits the fan! Dime throws the money back at Joseline, Joseline throws her drink at Dime's face, and Dime hits Joseline with her purse, while trying to get a good punch, but as well as being held back by 15,000 security guards! Dime starts screaming, while Joseline is trying to get at her, but then tells Dime to get out and Dime is escorted out by Stephanie Gayle, Executive LHH producer, and other security guards, while forgetting her purse! Joseline throws her purse and says that Dime shouldn't have left the studio because she needs the money that's on the floor because she's broke. 

Ashley Nicole is all ready to debut her song tonight at a jumpin' club, and Kirk is amping her up, saying that tonight is the night and that she needs to be ready! Ashley Nicole is super excited and is ready to show the world her real singing skills and talent! Ash says that she has invited Rasheeda to see her perform, and as she's speaking her in confessional, Rasheeda and Erica roll up on the scene. Rasheeda tells Erica, as they sit down, that she's given Ashley another chance, because it is really business associated wise and even though Ashley has been very disrespectful in their last meet-ups, She has decided not to drop her from the DLO entertainment label. Erica is really baffled by this and thinks that Rasheeda should drop her from the label, following her rudeness and snippy attitude at Kirk's auction. Erica asks Rasheeda about the status of Kirk and Ashley's relationship and Rasheeda says that it's strictly business and friends, according to Kirk but Erica starts to convince Rasheeda to get a closer look on them and see what is really up because she's not buying the "strictly business" talk. Erica asks Rasheeda about Ashley Nicole's career and what she can do, and fiesty Rasheeda says that the only thing Ashley Nicole does/can do is get on her damn nerves. Kirk comes out on the scene and hushes everyone down, while introducing Ashley Nicole to the stage, and we then hear Kirk call Ashley Nicole, his sexy new artist, and we see shady claps and eye rolls from Rasheeda and Erica! Ashley Nicole begins singing and the eye rolls, nasty looks, and shady comments continue rolling in, and they both start accusing Ashley Nicole of lip-synching to her track, as they both get a closer glimpse as she walks towards the audience and starts singing her booty off. Ashley Nicole stops singing (lip-synching) and the audience starts cheering, except for Erica and Rasheeda, who're starting to look like the two bopsy twins, commenting negatively and hating on her, from the looks of it! Ashley Nicole greets Rasheeda and Erica and surprisingly, they greet her right back! Ashley Nicole declares feedback from the two, and Rasheeda doesn't hold nothing back because she is straight up with Ashley Nicole, giving her advice that when she's performing, she needs to hold the mic up to her mouth, or people will think she's lip-synching, which Ashley Nicole thinks is shade. Erica says that she can't comment on the performance because she couldn't get over her outfit, which then Ashley Nicole reveals that Kirk picked it out for her..... AGAIN! Erica starts cracking up, meanwhile, Rasheeda dislikes this fact, like anybody else would! Ashley Nicole asks Rasheeda if she's still going to drop her, and Rasheeda says it's a big possibility! Rasheeda says in her confessional that Ashley Nicole isn't a big singer but if she could take her to a makeup artist, maybe she will be a good star, but still not all that. Erica says in her confessional that Rasheeda is losing her mind by thinking about letting her back in the DLO label, after all of her uncalled for disrespect! Ashley Nicole says that she wants her and Rasheeda to work together and then spills the beans on how Her and Kirk are going on another promo tour and how she wants to be involved in the Frost family, but the only issue is, Rasheeda doesn't know about the tour! Rasheeda tells Erica how she doesn't like the "hiding" of the promo tour and says how she's going confront Kirk, aka #MrPromo.....

We're back again with the Puertorican Princess, Joseline and she's walking out of the studio, regretting giving Dime any type of attention and decides to take a huge woo-saah! She walks outside, interrupts Stevie J and his conversation and she tells Stevie that she's going to let him know what happened when they get in their ride about Dime, aka the "Trick ass slut", while Stevie refers to her as "Ronald McDonald"... Oooo, Lord! Stevie and Joseline hop in their ride and Joseline tells Stevie what happened with Dime... After minutes of hearing Joseline ramble on and on about money, drinks, tricks, hoes, hitting and quitting, Stevie shocks Joseline with some HUGE mind-changing deals! Stevie announces to Joseline and the world, that Puff Diddy asked him to get on a track, and that some investors have asked him to do a movie, Time of The Month, which Joseline is really happy about! Stevie wants Joseline in and on the movie with him because it's about a romantic comedy and Joseline is ready! Stevie tells Joseline that they need to fly to L.A to sign papers and meet up with the movie investors, and Joseline and Stevie both prove their love for each-other by smooching, laughing and giving mixed eye signals! #StevieAndJoselineTakeL.A Baby! 

We catch back up with Rasheeda, as she's approaching Kirk at the same club that Ashley Nicole just performed at, about the secret promo tour and talking again fiesty as ever! Rasheeda confronts Kirk and starts by calling him, #MrPromo, which upsets him. Rasheeda says that she's sick of finding out stuff from Ashley Nicole, some artist and not her own husband. Kirk admits in his confessional that he did indeed agree to take Ashley Nicole back on the road, but he didn't have time to confide in Rasheeda about it! Boy BYE! Rasheeda tells Kirk that those little hidden secrets need to be null and void, but Kirk continues defending his actions, saying how this is a case of bad timing, and how he's trying to gain back their money, selling albums and promoting artists and Rasheeda doesn't understand that. Rasheeda says that that's fine, but kirk's delivery is sh*tty! Rasheeda tells Kirk that Ashley Nicole better be strictly business and no sexual relationship, and Kirk reassures Rasheeda that she has nothing shady to worry about it, like back in season 2. 

It's jam night and Jessica Dime is back on the screen, revealing that her 3 month deal with Mimi is coming to a close, and Mimi hasn't delivered sh*t! Karlie Redd  and Margo arrive on the scene and Jessica Dime is ready to spill the tea and catch up with the both of them. Jessica Dime says that she's performing here to ace up her vocal skills, and just wanted them to come out and support her. Then, She gets into some tea spilling talk. Dime tells Margo that Mimi is managing her, but she's not satisfied and Mimi hasn't delivered anything! Margo says how she's not knocking anyone's hustle, but every-time she encounters Mimi, it's a drama session. Dime tells the ladies that if Mimi doesn't deliver within the next few days, she's leaving her because she doesn't have time for the games! Karlie asks Dime about the studio session status with Joseline and tells Dime to fill Margo in. Dime fills Margo and Karlie in, and describes the "drink tossing, Screaming match, purse throwing, and money throwing" incident, very turnt, which is a shock to both Margo and Karlie. Margo says that everytime she has met Joseline, it's been loving, fun, and turnt up in a good way, but Dime can't related because she's been cool with Joseline for a long time. Margo asks what happened with them back in the day, Dime insists that Joseline ate her coochie, and Margo laughs in her confessional, like a 6 year-old, finding out that his friend kissed a girl. Jessica Dime is called up to the stage to perform her new single; Disrespectful and overall, she killed it! Dime calls up Karlie and Margo but she calls up Karlie to support, and Margo because Margo is going to perform as well! She is performing her new song: Start a war! Margo wasn't expecting it, but overall again, she killed it! But as Margo was performing, we suddenly learn that Karlie has a record label, and is considering adding Margo and her weird hair, but fun personality on it, but then laughs.... So are you joking Messy Redd or not?! Chile..... 

Mimi, meets up with Jessica Dime, revealing in her confessional that she has indeed neglecting MF management, due to the Nikko and Margo mess but now she's focused 100%, no bullsh*t! Jessica Dime reveals that she's been really feeling like the Management issue is a joke because nothing has been shown to her and then Dime tells Mimi that she feels like she hasn't got any attention 
from Stevie is because of Joseline, and Mimi agrees. Dime kinda explains her altercation with Joseline but without giving too much and Mimi isn't surprised because who doesn't Joseline have a problem with?! Dime says that she's going to run Joseline out of ATL and is going to finish what she started which is: Get her music out there! Dime tells Mimi that she has another person waiting on her if Mimi isn't ready to deliver: Dawn Hefflin, which baffles Mimi because Dawn isn't a manager at all, she's a booking agent! Dime tells Mimi that she's not going to be swinging from poles again and she doesn't want to go back there, while Mimi promises Jessica Dime isn't going back, and she promises to deliver soon now that all the drama has passed, and Dime is ready to show off her music big time! 

Stevie J and Joseline arrive in L.A to sign these movie papers with the movie investors, and the movie investors are just as ready to produce the papers, as Joseline and Stevie are ready to sign them! Stevie tells them that he's been making moves in the studio and he wants to keep that going, but wants the world to see him in a different light, while Joseline starts dreaming big about big white flashing lights and her becoming a movie star, which Stevie doesn't really feel it because he's taking it slow and Joseline just wants Stevie to relax and let her dream. The 3 movie investors admit that Stevie and Joseline need to be in L.A every minute that they're called for, and Stevie J and Joseline both agree to it, kiss each-other for making little dreams happens, and Stevie signs the lease for the movie, showing that he's ready for action and no foolery! 

We catch up back again with Joseline and Stevie J, leaving the movie session, and Joseline smiling, ear to ear, and congratulating Stevie for being the big role and big lead in the movie and says how He will NEVER go wrong with the Puertorican Princess by his side. Stevie J says how back when Him and Joseline first met, He promised to accomplish some great things, and now he's delivering big time! Joseline says that she loves him and Joseline says that that's why she's been down with him since day 1, because he promised and delivered, showing he's not playing when it comes to business and vice-versa! 

Rasheeda and Erica arrive at Rasheeda's new house, to chat outside, because Erica wanted to chat with her about Ashley Nicole and Kirk. Rasheeda says that Kirk and Ashley is gone, but Erica wants to get to the bottom of this mess because she feels like something else is going on. Erica asks Rasheeda if she thinks it's a "Promo tour for Ash" or "Promo Tour for Kirk and Ashley, sexually and Rasheeda doesn't know, but she calls Ashley a "thot" and Erica keeps putting the thought in her head to watch Kirk because of the Cabin situation and the Nanny one, Kirk's pass slip ups. Erica says that she wants to see the good and trust in everyone, just like Scrappy, but everyone is not to be trusted! Rasheeda asks Erica if she should be worried, and Erica says: Yeah! Hell yeah! Oooop! Rasheeda says that she's sick of the suspicious sh*t, even if it's not, Kirk makes it seem that way all the time and Erica agrees! Erica relates to the situation, because Bambi had been texting Scrappy sexually and personally info and Erica had to cope with that, and feels like Rasheeda should really watch and keep a good eye.

Mimi meets up with Dawn to discuss the management situation that has to do with Dime and she feels uncomfortable that Dime told her that Dawn wanted to take her away from her, and Dawn isn't even a manager, she's a booking agent! Dawn tells Mimi that she's hasn't delivered nothing to Dime, and she really isn't going too. Dawn begins checking Mimi, telling her about how she can't manage an artist when she can't even manage her life! OOOOOOO Dawn, slay girl! Mimi tells Dawn that she can manage her life, and to step the fu*k back until the 3 month trial is official over and then she can take Dime whenever she wants! Dawn tells Mimi to start keeping it 100% real with her artists, as she storms out and Mimi insults Dawn's weight and tells her she needs to go check out Pre Madonna's waist gang trainers! 

Rasheeda, sleeping, finally awakens and decides to call Kirk's promo tour room, taking Erica's advice. Rasheeda says that she wants to be wrong, but just doesn't know. Rasheeda then calls the room, asks for him from the manager, and all of a sudden... Ashley Nicole, laughing, answers the phone and says it's her, which doesn't sit well with Rasheeda, as she starts to break and start fuming. 

Rasheeda and Erica decide to go see what Kirk and Ashley Nicole are up too, as they drive to the hotel, dressed in combat boots, ready to confront the both of them. As they both arrive, Rasheeda asks the hotel manager for the room # and it works out in handy! Rasheeda and Erica walk up on their room, and Rasheeda starts banging it, as she starts hearing giggling from Ashley Nicole....... And it continues into next week! 

Next week: The Rasheeda/Kirk and Ashley Nicole drama continues as Erica becomes Rasheeda's sidekick. Kaleena and Deb also have a falling out, leading to an explosive altercation between Kaleena and Tammy Rivera, who returns in a scene next week, after leaving LHHATL Season 3! Stay tuned! 

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