Sunday, July 12, 2015

Ariana Grande Has Made Lisa Rinna Sadly Fearful Of Donuts After Disturbing Video Goes Viral!

After a disturbing video of Ariana Grande leaked and went viral, Many people had an opinion, bad ones... But what really stood out to the world, is that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Lisa Rinna, commented and took to twitter, stating her opinion on the situation: 

The video that had gone viral is that Ariana Grande, was in a donut shop, and she inappropriately licked a donut, put it back in the tray, licked other donuts in the tray andddddd.... Made a very disgraceful remark, stating that she hates America and that sweet foods are the reason why kids/adults are very obese.... Wow! I was really shocked and appalled by that remark... How can she make a comment like that, when she's American herself?! Confusing much! 

Although, Ariana had apologized in a YouTube video about the Donut incident and even apologized more then once, I can understand Lisa's 'learliness' because the mouth is important, but as well can cause germs.. and that action that Grande had made, was inappropriate and very rude, but nobody is perfect, and she's still getting sh*t for it.... Even after 10,000 sincere apologies! I forgive you, Ariana... Nobody's perfect! 


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