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LHHATL: (Season 4), Episode 8 Recap

Tonight's episode of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta began with Kaleena and Tony, checking out the club (Club Kapture) that Tony wants to invest all their saving money in. The club owner Kevin is showing them all the assets that need to be worked on and all that is already done. Tony and Kevin start talking about all their successes in the past, but Kaleena wants to talk about the failures they've had. Kevin, assuming it's about the Stevie J and Benzino drama, says that failure was because they didn't have enough money for the opening and it wasn't his fault. Tony tells Kevin to give him a second and let him talk to Kaleena. Tony begins to really convince Kaleena to trust him in putting all the money in the store and it will all work out. After minutes of convincing, Kaleena finally says she's down for the get-down! Let's see how this pans out! 

Next, Ariane and Margeaux link up together and chat about the Pre-Madonna waist gang party. Margo reveals how she only put her hand in Mimi's face was to get her to shut up. Ariane brings up how Mimi says that Nikko has slipped up and said how he's been recording her on secret audio tapes. Margeaux begins spilling the tea on how there are NO audio tapes and it's am actual person, that will expose Mimi if she won't expose the truth. Ariane, looking confused and shocked, tells Margo that she will confront Mimi about this and she hopes it's not true. Ariane & Margeaux both agree that if Mimi leaked the tape (with or without Nikko), she should own up to it! I agree with them 100%! 

Joseline and Kaleena meet up at a restaurant and catch up since the last time they saw each-other. Kaleena reveals that they've invested 75k into Club Kapture! That's really a lot! But anyways, Joseline tells Kaleena about her incident with the infamous Stevie J. She says that she had to "spank him a little bit" because he was working with according to Joseline, "broke broads" Tiffany Foxx and Jessica Dime. Kaleena then says how she wants Joseline to perform at Club Kapture for their opening and for more customers. Joseline says she has to get Stevie into it, even if they're not speaking and even if she has to ass kiss! She then says that she will test Stevie J and see where his mind is, as far as her career wise. 

Then it's the meeting of the moms! DUN DUN DUN! It starts off with Yung Joc's baby mommas: Sina, Fatima, Alex and Carla, chatting at a table about their family ties w/ Joc. Alex is the only one who married Joc, Fatima was with Joc for 14 Years, Carla & Sina had their crazy times with Joc as well. Their meeting talk, begins into Khadiyah bashing talk! Alex & Sina call her a sponsor, while the other two sit there and laugh away. Fatima says how Joc talked to her earlier and said that he'll be arriving later. Then, Joc and Khadiyah walk in and all drama breaks loose! Khadiyah, puts her jacket down and then she's "hi" to everyone, but then she calls Sina: "Oh Hey Ho-Sina", which sets Sina off. Sina walks towards KD, throwing shade shots at her but Fatima, Alex and Joc hold her back! Sina says that she's so sick of Khadiyah and picks up a huge food plate and slams it down on the floor. Carla and Alex, bring Sina to the bathroom and she's breaking down from all the run-in's she has had with KD. Alex starts preaching to Sina how she needs to stop acting a fool, and needs to get her act together and not to let Khadiyah get to her. Alex says that she should be mad at the man (Joc) and not at the woman/women that he tags along (Khadiyah). Alex walks out with Carla and Fatima starts yelling at Khadiyah, saying how she needs to stop disrespecting people and that doesn't fly with them. Then, Khadiyah sits down across from Fatima and Alex and starts getting emotional about how problems were brought to her doorstep and she can't find anyway to let it go then to respond. Alex hops up in a roar and tells Khadiyah: "YOU ARE DEALING WITH A MAN THAT HAS 8 CHILDREN BY 4 WOMEN AND WHO IS STILL LEGALLY MARRIED", which makes KD upset even more.  Alex begins preaching again how Joc has issues with woman but he's a great man and then she asks Khadiyah why did she go into this, knowing the issues that will drag along? Alex then says how she has no ties/no babies with him so she can't be doing all the extra shit and then Khadiyah says she didn't have unprotected sex but she has ties because she has invested time... and then she gets interrupted by Alex, and she says "invested time with my husband" and KD says "with my energy and money..." And then Alex bangs the table and says "INVESTED ENERGY WITH MY FUCKING HUSBAND!". Khadiyah fires back brutal and says: "If he's your husband why he not with you?" And Alex comes back and says "If he's with you, why're we still married?! Explain that" and KD couldn't really. Joc says in his confessional that he's really happy that the 4 mothers of his kids respect each-other. Joc asks all his baby mommas if they're good and they say yes, and Khadiyah feels left out. Khadiyah tells Joc to go take care of his babies and she's done and Joc tells her to go fuck herself! Harsh Joc! Joc then tells her to leave & she walks out, saying that she wants to see how long he can keep up with all 4 of them! 

Next, Kirk goes to meet Ashley Nicole to straighten her out on her disrespectful behavior to Rasheeda! Surprising Kirk, should've done it in the first place! But anyways, Ashley Nicole begins to bash Rasheeda & Her Mother: Shirleen about how they were taking shots at her first but Kirk blames it all on Ashley. He then begins to tell Ashley that if she don't straighten up, she'll be DROPPED FROM THE LABEL! O-M-G! Then we learn that Ashley Nicole's promo tour was never started because of Kirk's auctioning! Daaaaaaamn! So then Ashley Nicole begins weeping to Kirk, saying how she'll do better and start respecting Rasheeda, but then continues to throw shade at her in the confessional! Kirk says how her & Rasheeda should meet to clear the air and Ashley Nicole says she's down for whatever ups her career! 

Ariane meets up with Mimi at her house and in her confessional, she admits that after her & Margo's meet up, Margeaux called her to model in her art show, and she accepted! So they both sit down and Ariane gets ready to spill the tea and get the tea out of Mimi! Mimi, for the 100,000th time, tells Ariane that she didn't leak the tape and it was all Nikko! Ariane then asks Mimi about the secret guy who knows all the deets, which Mimi gets so defensive and annoyed about. Ariane tells Mimi about the art show modeling Margo wanted her in and Mimi gets disgusted. Ariane, trying to be the good friend she is, tells Mimi to expose herself if there's anything she needs to before the others expose her! Mimi gets defensive again and says how she's not about to dig up last years shit and she doesn't need to explain it to anybody. She then kicks Ariane out and locks the door but before she did that, Ariane said: "Kiss Eva for me!" Haha priceless! 

Then, Joseline meets up with Stevie J. to clear the air after their orange juice incident. Joseline begins shading Mimi, Jessica Dime & Tiffany Foxx calling them "tired and local bitches" and how she's an international superstahhh! Joseline then reveals FINALLY to Stevie that she's mad at him for working with Tiff and Dime for the MF Management but Stevie J reveals how he never even worked with them! Stevie then gets angry and says that Joseline never supports him and that's what he needs: A supporter in his life. Joseline then apologizes for throwing the orange juice and everything is back to normal... For now! Joseline & Stevie hug and Joseline tells Stevie that he has to come w/ her to perform at Kaleena's club opening. Stevie says "Okay" and he promises (without Joseline even saying) to be a (better) husband and great guy and Joseline is ready to see the change! 

Boss Chick Rasheeda meets up with Ashley Nicole to discuss their ups- and downs and for Rasheeda to lay down the law about her record deal. Rasheeda then begins the convo harshly and tells Ashley Nicole that she's very disrespectful and she needs to get her act together because she told Kirk that she will/can drop her from the DLO-ENTERTAINMENT label. Ashley Nicole says how they didn't get on the right foot, and Rasheeda says it's all Ashley's fault. Ashley tells Rasheeda to own up to being little of the problem and Rasheeda says she won't! YASSSS RAASHEEDA HUNTI PREACH with the hair flip and blank stareeee! So anyway, Ashley Nicole BEGS Rasheeda for another chance and she says that she has a performance coming up and says she needs this because the DLO ENTERTAINMENT label is the only thing she has. Ashley Nicole says how she wants to turn over a new leaf for the better and Rasheeda ends the conversation with a "we'll see", which can mean good or bad! We'll see lol! 

Joc is meeting Khadiyah at her condo after the meeting of the moms blowout. Joc is in for a huge surprise when he goes to open the door! He goes to open it with his key and he's locked out! Khadiyah then opens the door abruptly and Joc goes in for the kill! Joc says that Khadiyah was the cause of the drama for the way she was disrespectful to Sina. Khadiyah says that she feels very hurt that Joc didn't check on her but he did the others. She then flips the script on him and asks him where he has been and Joc reveals that after the meet up of the moms, He went and checked up on Sina, went to the gas station, and then slept in his car!! Khadiyah gets fueled up by hearing Sina's name and she gives Joc his clothes to leave and tells Joc whenever he's ready to man up and be with only her, then he can come home. She then goes wild and throws all of his shit off the balcony! She throws everything she said she had of his! Joc comes out walking down the street, while Khadiyah begins crying, saying: "COME AND GET CHO SHIT! COME GET IT! WHAT WAS I SUPPOSED TO DO THAT I DIDN'T DO?!". Joc stands outside her house and Khadiyah continues to throw stuff down the balcony and it was kinda amusing to watch! Joc picks up a shoe from the ground and tries throwing it back up at KD but her misses and KD tells him: "Get cho aim right". That segment ends with Joc telling Khadiyah that she needs to clean up this mess! 

Last in the episode, we see Miss Mimi talking about how the sex-tape ruined her reputation and she's trying to recover and rebrand her name with the MF management but she's tired of Nikko, Margo & Ariane trying to question her & break down her sanity. She then reveals that she invited someone over to come clean about the real sex-tape truth and it ends with Mimi opening the door! O-M-G! Who's at the door?! Guess we find out next week! 

Until next week, LHHATL fans! 

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