Monday, June 1, 2015

LHHATL: (Season 4), Episode 6 Recap!

So let's get right in to the epic episode! 

The episode starts off with Momma Dee & the rest of her family + Ernest's mom sitting down for the planned sit-down at Scrappy's house. Everything happened so fast it was crazy! Ernest's mom & Momma Dee start talking about how Momma Dee set him up & she doesn't understand why they're planning to get together again. Momma Dee's daughter Jasmine starts calling Ernest: A opportunist & hypocrite. That gets Momma Dee upset to the point that Momma Dee tries lunging at her daughter to hit her, but Scrappy holds her back. 

Next, Pre-Madonna is in her waist gang office, & that's when Jessica Dime & Dawn walk in her office! Pre-Madonna let's them know that she's having a party for her waist gang: (trainers) & she wants them to come. After that, Jessica Dime spills the beans on her encounter with Tiffany Foxx in Jazzy Phae's studio session. Dime says that she doesn't feel like Mimi knows what she doing & Dawn agrees. Pre-Madonna then spills the beans on Joseline's party about when Margeaux spilled the tea on Mimi planning the sex tape. Dime shades Mimi about how she has time to orchestrate sex-tapes but can't be a professional manager. Last, Dime feels like Joseline was really fake & is not her friend is she didn't invite her to her party & Dawn agrees as well! 

It's finally came that time! Stevie J. is being released from the Rehabilitation center. He starts packing & talking about his journey & how rehab made him a better person. He  also says that he would like Joseline to get that positive energy as he did. Stevie walks out of the Rehabilation center & is on his way!

Nikko & Margeaux sit down & they start to talk about their deep-rooted issues. Margeaux feels like she's been trapped in Atlanta like a bird in a cage. So for that, Nikko says he got an invitation from Dawn about the waist-gang party & he wants to invite her. Margo says she'll go! (Not knowing that she will square up with Mimi at that party).

It's time to see Ashley Nicole & she's working her ass off at rehearsal for an upcoming live performance she has to do & Mr. Kirk walks in the rehearsal. He tells her that she will kill it & she will succeed. Ashley Nicole asks if Rasheeda knows about Kirk helping her & of-course she doesn't! Kirk says that Ashley spilled the beans once, when it wasn't her place. Ashley Nicole then shades Rasheeda in the confessional saying: "Old ass boss chick from 1950 needs to have a m-----f------ seat!". Ashley Nicole continues to shade Rasheeda as referring to her old music & age.

It's the Puertorican Princess (Joseline) & she's getting ready for her photoshoot with Regime Magazine! Kaleena walks in to show some love & they both start talking. Kaleena confides in Joseline about Tony wanting to invest money in the SAME EXACT person who shut down Stevie's & Benzino's club the year before! Then, Mr. Stevie walks through the down & Joseline's eyes light up like a Christmas tree! Kaleena gives them some space & Joseline & Stevie start making love to each-other, as well as talking about having a baby & a wedding so people can shut the fuck up about saying it's fake. Stevie tells her that he needs to go handle his prison case that's hanging in over his head. They then start posing for Regime magazine with her in a wedding dress! 

Kirk & Rasheeda are walking outside & Kirk has a suitcase because he's getting ready to go on tour w/ Ashley Nicole. They starting talking about how she's going to do some stuff in the house, while he's away & how he needs to stop signing wack ass artists. Ashley Nicole says "Hi Rasheeda"! but then he tone switches to saying: "You're too old to be having these conversations in your drive-way like this". Rasheeda & Ashley start arguing & Rasheeda walks up to the car & threatens to hit her but Kirk holds her back. Rasheeda walks off from Kirk & Kirk hops in the car w/ Ashley Nicole.

It's spicy night at Momma Dee's (place) palace & her & Ernest are having popcorn & watching T.V! They start talking about family & how Ernest needs to start mending bridges with her family & same goes for Ernest! Momma Dee says that she wants him to show her kids his love for her & she wants to wear a white dress. Then she lays down an ultimatum- "Unhappy wife, Unhappy Life".

Rasheeda begins to get her revenge on Kirk & her mother Sherleen is helping her auction off some of Kirk's prized possessions. Erica Dixon begins to join in the mix. They auction off his jewelry & bikes! Erica says that she can't wait to see Kirk's reaction & wants a front-row seat to the fiasconess! Rasheeda Sheerleen evilly laughing while auctioning his sh*t! 

Stevie J.'s time for court has arrived! He starts to get nervous so he calls his pastor for a quick prayer. He pulls up to find Joseline there, which he thought that he would be alone but they begin to walk in the court & it leaves off with them like that. 

Lastly, Pre-Madonna's party kicks off & it's banging! Everyone walks in & gets settled. When Mimi walks in, Karlie/Ariane & her girlfriend greet her. Mimi says that she's invited by Dime, even with the Studio situation. Margo walks in w:. The fashion show begins & the tension between both groups is intense! Every group is talking about the next, especially Nikko & Margo against Mimi. Jessica Dime starts walking the run-way & she gets warmly greeted from Mimi! After the walkers go, Mimi & Ariane go to grab a drink but they are confronted by Nikko & Margo! It turns into a #ToBeContinued!

Until next week! Next week looks super good! Mimi VS Margo (continued), Rasheeda VS Ashley Nicole again, & Stevie VS Joseline! Turn up next Monday! 


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