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LHHATL: (Season 4), Episode 10 Recap: Joseline & Jessica Dime finally Come face-to-face

Tonight's episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta began with Yung Joc and we then learn that he's been crashing at Rasheeda & Kirk's house, due to the fact that Khadiyah kicked him out and he didn't want to stay at Sina's! Yung Joc, getting his beauty rest, gets woken up by Kirk with a bell & Joc dramatically falls to the floor but then gets up. Rasheeda tells Joc that he has been crashing at their house for about a week, and that it's cool but he needs to find another house to stay at then theirs. Joc begins to tell Rasheeda & Kirk about Him & Khadiyah's blowout and that after their incident, He went to Sina's house, which doesn't sit well with Rasheeda. Rasheeda starts preaching some real sh*t about how if Joc wants a steady no-drama relationship with Khadiyah, Then he has to stop going back and forth and stay in one place! Rasheeda then tells Joc that she's going to meet Khadiyah to find some places that'll perfectly fit her store, which then says how it's a down-fall because Joc is staying with them. Rasheeda pulls Kirk in the kitchen and tells him that there's so much going on and Kirk gets mad because he feels like the blame is rested on him. Then, Joc slides in the kitchen, snoops in their refrigerator, and tries taking Orange Juice and Waffles, which happens to be the Baby Carter's but Kirk let's him take it anyway. 

We finally move on from the Joc messiness and we see Jessica Dime meeting up with Dawn to chit-chat and catch up about recent-life, while getting foot massages. Dime reveals how she's  really not feeling Mimi and her Management mess so she also wants to see if Dawn can begin to manage her. They start out talking about the Waist-Gang Party and Both blame Mimi for the drama, brought to the party! Dime says how she really wants to let Mimi go, but she did agree to a 3-Month arrangement to see how far Mimi gets with managing her, but she hasn't seen a thing yet that's professional, and Dawn agrees! Dime says how she hasn't even seen/nor worked with Stevie, and Dawn makes a eye roll, stating that He has nothing going on for himself and not to worry about that. Dawn says that she was the one who introduced Dime to Atlanta in the first place, and starts to convince her to move to her side, allegedly where the real money is. Dime says how she wants to give Mimi another strike, but Dawn opens up her eyes and promises Dime that she will get her 5K-75k (in less then 30 days), by just appearances, showcases and all the other talented-related Buisness ordeal. Dawn says it's a wrap and she's snatching Dime up from Mimi! Oh Lord! How will this pan out?! We shall see! 

Meanwhile, Mimi meets up with Ariane at her new condo, to really settle the score because she still feels un-easy from not telling her the entire sex-tape truth (even though it's out there). Ariane opens her garage gate, Her & Mimi hug tight and walk inside the new condo, which looks very very fancy! Mimi begins the conversation and she tells Ariane again that the only thing she lied and didn't tell Her the real truth about was the luggage getting stolen in the Bahamas, which Mimi says it's because she felt like she couldn't trust Ariane due to her judgemental personality changes sometimes, which makes Ariane cringe. Ariane says how she can be very opinionative at times, which seems to be totally different then being judgemental. Mimi starts getting loud and says that Ariane was right the whole time and Ariane declares that Mimi shouldn't close her feelings out anymore. Mimi says she has to say something else and Ariane tells her to let it out. Mimi says that she's very baffled at the Margo fiasco and she says she's upset that she's being influenced by Nikko, but Ariane tells her that she can't be upset at that because Nikko and Margo have a bond and the same vice versa. Ariane tells her that she's not leaving Mimi's side and not even Margo can break them apart, although friends do have disagreements. Their conversation ends with a cute hug! 

Kaleena meets up with Deb Anthey, Waka Flocka's mom to consider her being her possible new manager, since 1) Tony doesn't want to manage her any more & 2) Because she's taking Rasheeda's advice. Deb begins asking about the baby and Kaleena says that he's doing good, especially while being 10 weeks old! Kaleena then begins to explain to Deb about the biggest downfalls of their life, but the ones that really knocked them down! Kaleena admits that she has over 200 new dope tracks, that Tony won't even let her put on, but He can do what he wants and open up clubs and all that messiness. Kaleena says that she feels like her music career is slipping away, but it doesn't need to right now! Deb challenges Kaleena and begins to question her on if she's really ready for her to be Kaleena's manager because she can be tough at times and Kaleena is down! Deb says that she's also ready to be Kaleena's manager and admits that Kaleena is a songwriter as well as musician, and she surprisingly has written songs for Aretha Franklin, Christina Aguiliera, and Ciara! Hunnnnny I fell out of my damn seat with that statement! So then, Deb says she needs to see the official signing off client letter and they both can work'. Kaleena begins to cry and says how she wants everything to work out and she's sick of picking between Tony and the management part of things because she loves both, and Deb tells her that she just needs to pick both and it won't hurt her in the future. 

Jessica Dime and Karlie Redd meet up to chat and get some relaxing pool-time, but also to talk about other serious matters. Dime tells Karlie how she is working with Mimi but is not satisfied. Karlie says how she has already talked to Mimi about it but she's really shocked on how Mimi is acting! Dime says how her & Stevie aren't even working and she feels like it has something to do with Joseline and then, Karlie begins to spill the T! Karlie tells her that Joseline said Dime and her aren't friends, not really cool and she's really not important. Dime begins to go OFF and spills the REAL T! Jessica reveals how Joseline used to trick on her and payed good money to suck, fuck and touch! Jessica says how Stevie used to watch with his hands folded and how Stevie was flirting with her to put a baby up in her, which makes messy Karlie laugh and say "I can't!" Jessica says how Joseline shouldn't act like she doesn't know who she is and if Joseline is playing with her career, she's going to go off on that ass! 


Rasheeda goes and meets up with Khadiyah, hoping to find some good lot for her store-front and Rasheeda meets Khadiyah's friend, Brandi Hunter as soon as she walks in. Rasheeda and Khadiyah begin to talk about Joc and Rasheeda tells her that Joc has been crashing at their house. Khadiyah says how she hasn't heard from Joc since her pregnancy scare but she's happy that he's with Rasheeda and Kirk, and not Sina. Rasheeda tells Khadiyah that she needs to go and get Joc and give him another chance but Khadiyah says she can't forget about all the drama He has caused her. Khadiyah says that she'll take Rasheeda's advice, but Joc needs lots of positive energy to come her way for that and then She tells Rasheeda that she has new properties to show her as well. 

Mimi is at Ariane's house, helping her get settled in, but notices something strange! Mimi thinks that someone else is invited and Ariane admits that Margeaux is arriving to eat lunch with them, which gets Mimi upset. Ariane feels like Mimi and Margo need to sit down and talk. Margo arrives and they all being to sit down. Margeaux and Mimi begin to argue about the sex-tape again and Mimi wants to put it behind her. Margeaux loses it and calls Mimi fake, phony, a liar, a loser, and a bitch as she's leaving Ariane's house! That went down quick! 

Khadiyah and Yung Joc meet up finally and Joc tries to sooth things over with her immediately but Khadiyah isn't ready to let him off the leech for good! Yung Joc gives Khadiyah a gift: A handcuff, in order for Khadiyah to get all control over him! Khadiyah puts it on him, right there in public! Khadiyah says she needs some questions answered and the first and only one being is: Where did you stay before Rasheeda's? Joc says he was at Sina's and when she asks him if they both had sex, Joc denies the question, which makes Khadiyah purposely spill 2 drinks on Him, which everyone takes a peek at, while him being hand-cuffed! Joc says he's really serious about being faithful to Khadiyah and wants to move back but instead, she tells him that it's too early for all that and she needs some time. As Khadiyah is leaving, she ties Joc's hands under the table and tells him she'll see him soon! What a boss move! 

Joseline meets up with Karlie Redd but she has NO idea what TEA Karlie is about to spill her way! Joseline begins congratulationing Karlie on her store and how it looks amazing, which was really kind of Joseline! She is a real ass bitch! Karlie then begins to squeal the tea and tells Joseline that Dime called her and they met up and talked and how Dime said that Joseline had tricked on her! Joseline admits to tricking off on Dime but the only thing was that Joseline payed her for it! OMG this is too much! So then, Joseline then says how she's about to expose Dime and calls her a trick, hoe, play-girl, and a pay girl for sex! Joseline then says that Dime can't drop bombs on her because she IS the bomb! YIKES! Good comeback, Joseline! Joseline tells Karlie to tell Dime to meet her in the studio and if she wants to get down and dirty, She ain't tripping off her! Omg the excitement in my bones are shaking! 

Kaleena meets up with Tony at their club: Kapture, to give him the papers about Deb being Kaleena's new manager. Kaleena shows the papers to Tony and Tony is not having it! Kaleena tells Tony to sign the papers, then she says no don't, and then she does, which Tony doesn't like Her to play games. Tony says how the only reason He listens to his other artists are because they listen and are manageable, which sets Kaleena off! Kaleena starts yelling, demanding Tony to sign the papers and Tony indeed does! Tony signs the papers and Kaleena abruptly snatches them from him and tells him that He gets on her nerves! Tony says how she's making Buisness personal and Kaleena, continues screaming, saying that Buisness is personal and she begins to walk out and tells Tony to go fuck himself after Tony challenges Her and tells her that she'll be back next week, after her little temper tantrum! 

Omg it's the scene everyone has been waiting for! The Joseline and Dime studio showdown! Joseline is the studio, singing her a** off, with Stevie J, in the background and Stevie J says in the confessional that he has something major he has yet to tell Joseline but for now, He's happy she's in the studio. Stevie J starts singing with Joseline from outside the booth and Jessica Dime walks in! Stevie J cuts the song and greets Dime and tells Joseline that she has company. Joseline says she doesn't know who it is and Dime says "Oh, You know who it is beeetch!". Stevie J says how he has a really foggy memory with him & Dime (sexuallybut then says that he has to take a call outside. Dime walks in, then says "Wassup Hollywood" to Joseline and Joseline ends it with: "I Heard you been looking for me", as she holds her drink and walks closer to Dime


Until next week! The Joseline and Jessica Dime showdown continues as Money, Purses, Punches and drinks start flying between the two! Tune in Next Monday for a promising epic episode! 

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