Saturday, June 20, 2015

Claudia Jordan- Booted off of Real Housewives of Atlanta!?

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta's latest season has been graced with a new addition to the cast, Claudia Jordan. She really made her stay known, considering the SHADEtastic altercation she had with the fierce, Nene Leakes in Puerto Rico! As well as her ongoing beef with Porsha Williams! But was Season 7 Claudia's first and last time as a full-time housewife on RHOA?! According to TMZ's latest gossip post, Claudia Jordan has got the boot! 

TMZ reports that Claudia has gotten the boot from the show this past week from producers and she didn't see it coming! TMZ also reports that maybe Nene Leakes could be involved with the reason Claudia got fired, due to her intense run-ins with her in Puerto Rico and somewhat argument at the Season 7 Reunion! Claudia has really stood her ground against the OG Nene, and it seems like Nene doesn't play! She has threatened before that she wants unmarried couples off of RHOA and Claudia isn't married! Other cast member Kenya Moore, isn't married at all but has gave Nene lots of back-talk throughout the show but it seems like Nene doesn't have her guns aimed towards Moore! 

(Season 8 begins filming next month in ATL, and Producers are still deciding if Claudia will make any appearances!) 

What do you think? Is Claudia fired or still hired?! 

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