Tuesday, May 19, 2015

RHONY: (Season 7), Episode 7 Recap: Bethenny has an emotional meeting with her Father + Luann insults Carole over Adam!

Birthday Parties & a emotional meet-ups between A Father & Daughter? Yep, That's what played out on tonight's episode of The Real Housewives Of New York! The episode was amazing overall! This entire season is amazing so far! 

So, The episode started off with Ramona's birthday party, which was being celebrated at a place called: fish tail. Ramona walks in & starts dancing because it's her birthday. All of the ladies were under attendance. The ladies come rolling in one-by-one & surprisingly, Everyone is greeting each-other! 

When Heather says: "Hi Mama" to Bethenny, Bethenny pulls Ramona aside & asks her: what's Heather's deal with the lingo's? Ramona says that she still doesn't understand the "HOLLA" thing but she just let's it go. They start making jokes about how Heather isn't a black rapper & that she's a uptown white chick from the Berkshires. Bethenny starts looking around the bar & she says that some women look amazing but on the other hand, Some look like they are apart of the Star Wars Bar with all the nasty ferocious weaves & clown makeup, which is true.

Carole Bethenny start talking about the A.C trip, which was dramatic as all hell & they start talking about Sonja & her craziness at the dinner, club, & suite! They both agree that she gives them anxiety & she needs to relax. They then start saying about how it's bullshit with the "vitamins & herba-shit she said that makes her act like a douche. 

Meanwhile at the other end of the bar, Sonja is talking with her friend about her trip to A.C & how Bethenny told her that she needs to take a Xanax to calm herself down. Her friend suggests Zen treatment/Yoga with positive energy. Sonja agrees to it & they have yet to set up a date for it! 

Dorinda, Kristen, Heather, Ramona & Carole sit down & discuss A.C. Dorinda says that she was up until 3:30am the night before & says how John was acting crazy & hit the shower body, but was still ready to turn up. Carole asks if Dorinda & John are swingers, & she says: No because I am very competitive! All the ladies start enjoying themselves & being to eat. 

While eating, Sonja tells Bethenny about how she was right about the lecture she gave her about having to calm down. Sonja says that her friend that talked to her at the bar: Robin Coler, is a swamp Priest. As soon as she said that, Bethenny looked already confused & annoyed! Bethenny says in her confessional that she has no idea what she means! Bethenny says that all she wants Sonja to do is to take care of herself. 

Also at the table, Bethenny tells Ramona that they need to discuss their personal lives because they have similar issues between their daughters & stuff. Ramona tells her to not rain on her birthday & they will talk about it at a later date. 

Before the night ends, Ramona makes a cute toast, saying how she would have never gotten through any of her personal issues in your life if it wasn't for her girlfriends. Everybody claps for her & the night ends on a good note.

Bethenny meets up with her doctor to discuss her recent personal issues in her life. Bravo plays a throwback from 2011 when she first met up with him. Bethenny discusses her businesses, Mother, her marriage, her failed talk-show, & her stepfather. She starts to pour out her emotions about the situations but that's when he has to stop. He tells her that he has to stop & wrap up because he had someone else to do. 

Ramona, Carole, Luann, & Kristen go to a boxing show to watch Carole's friend box it out with his component. Although Heather isn't there to watch, she'll be joining them for dinner. The match begins & the punches start fly. Overdramatic: (in a good way) Kristen starts yelling & screaming because one of the guys' teeth, fell right near her boot. Then, she got some spit on her knee so she got hand-sanitizer & cleaned her knee.  When asked where Bethenny is, Everyone comes to the assumption that she doesn't want to partake in any group activities & it's crazy because everyone has personal issues in their life but they still make time for friends & to get out & enjoy. In the end, Carole's friend: Luis wins & they all cheer for him.

The ladies go sit down at the table & have some drinks. Heather meets up with them & the conversation gets going! When Ramona asks Carole about her relationship w/ Adam, Luann gets a little snotty attitude. When asked her opinion on their relationship, Luann says her true feelings. She says that it's a coincidence because Her Niece/Adam are in Nicawqura as they speak. 

Luann insults Carole with saying that Adam is like Sonja's man young. Carole gets insulted & politely asks NOT to be compared to Sonja & her man. After their little "spat", they shake hands & everything's good. 

Bethenny is down in Miami for girls weekend & goes meets her high-school friend to discuss her abusive childhood. She rehashes everything! About how Bethenny's father beat her mother & beat her! Bethenny starts to get a little emotional & says that she's a better person now. She's going to meet up w/ her stepfather & really hash/sort everything out from her disruptive childhood.

Queens Dorinda & Ramona meet up at the gym to work out! The ladies start talking about John, while working out. Ramona thinks that he's not the one & he's not with her for love. It didn't last 4 minutes before complaints played out! 

Luann, Her Daughter & Bethenny meet up & go to the Art Bazel: Exhibition. It's an Miami week show takeover, which her daughter is partaking in! They start to look for sensei gallery. Half of the galleries provided naked joints. They all have a glass of champagne to celebrate Luann's Daughter's change around! Luann starts crying in her confessional that she's so happy that her daughter made a big change around & is now an artist, & she's lucky! For real! She is! Luann approaches  Bethenny about the ladies' comments about Bethenny's no-show due to her spending time with her daughter. Bethenny says that she will never miss a day with her daughter for the ladies, & Luann agrees! 

This part had me dying! For Fun,   Bethenny & Luann pay 3 dollars to feed a clown! Bethenny steps forward & feeds the clown a chocalate chip ice-cream sandwich. The clown makes sexual contact with it & as he's eating it, his nose falls off. He puts it back on & tries to honk but fails miserably. It was the funniest thing ever! 

Carole is at home, getting ready to sit & write: (which she rarely does), & that's when Adam calls her & they begin to talk. Adam says that Nicawqura is good & he's having fun. They start flirting about Honey with Honey. Carole hangs up with a smile on her face. 

Lastly, Bethenny meets up with her stepfather: John Paciquilla to discuss her childhood. Bethenny starts to pour out her heart & begins to breakdown. He owns up & apologizes for all the bad experiences Bethenny had to go through. They both have good memories but the bad ones shadowed over it. Bethenny says that it's hard to have sex & trust men because she watched her mom get beat, called the cops, but made out with the cop the next day. Bethenny & her stepfather come to an understanding that they are fine now, better then 20 years ago. Bethenny admits that she wouldn't change her childhood if she was given the offer because it made her into a stronger person. The two take a shot & hug it out.

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