Tuesday, May 12, 2015

RHONY: (Season 7), Episode 6 RECAP!:Atlantic City trip turns into Drama City!

It's time for another Real Housewives Of New York recap! This season is amazing! I never thought it would be but it is! In this episode, Sonja's idea of a trip to Atlantic City for Ramona's birthday turned into a epic showdown of screaming, tears but fun overall! 

The episode started off with Heather, Kristen, & Dorinda getting super pissed, due to Sonja not letting them in her house because she wants to get ready for the trip without any distractions.  They had to wait outside by her house!  Ramona walks up & joins the ladies outside Sonja's house & says that she was able to use Sonja's bathroom! The limo arrives & the 4 ladies hop in it & wait for the others. Bethenny arrives in the limo but 30 minutes late because she had errands to do before going on the trip. Sonja arrives it in limo around 11:50am & the entire limo gets quiet. 

Immediately when Sonja even sits her butt down on the seat, Sonja tells Heather that there needs to he communication if they're going to be on the trip. Heather then begins to tells her off! The two start going head-to-head in a battle of words. Ramona finally gets fed up with all the arguing & she yells: I CANT! I can't! Shut the eff up all of you!". Bethenny gets Sonja to apologize to the others for leaving them outside in the freezing cold but Heather & Kristen do not want to hear it. Bethenny & Sonja have a heart-to-heart in the limo & Bethenny tells her the way it is. She tells Sonja that she needs to stop name dropping, & bringing up the past. Sonja agrees & says she will try & work on it. 

The ladies stop on the side of the road to let some liquid (pee) out of their systems. Bethenny & Sonja get out to pee & they pee right next to limo. Bravo shows a throwback of when Bethenny peed in a pot before her wedding! Ramona then gets out but then she says that she tried to pee but nothing came out. It was hilarious & comical! 

The ladies finally arrive in Atlantic City! They all are welcomed to the Borgatta Hotel! That's also where the RHONJ Reunions are filmed at! The ladies are introduced to the lovely suites & they become obsessed! Ramona, Sonja, & Dorinda get their very own suite: The Highroller suite! Their room is filled with foods, drinks, & desserts everywhere! Heather, Luann & Carole get the "Penthouse suite". Carole & Luann have yet to arrive! In the process of getting the hot tub ready, Heather's bathroom explodes with water all over the place! Carole & Luann arrive & Heather brings them to her attention. Heather tells them about Sonja's antics & the ladies both agree that It was wrong for Sonja to behave so rude. 

The ladies are getting ready to go out, while Bethenny & Kristen move in the "Penthouse suite" & take shots. All the ladies looked snatched & fab! Bethenny starts to get annoyed due to Heather arriving late. They both start arguing because Bethenny feels like it's unfair that's she's more then 51 minutes late. Heather tells her that if she wants to start up & act petty, She can act petty basically. They have their little 2 second argument but they get over it & continue the night. 

The ladies go out to a restaurant but Ramona orders them all shots. The ladies get off to a good start but when Sonja brings up Heather's lateness, Bethenny says that she needs to take a joke & insults her with the "get the chopstick out of your ass" comment. 

Then, Luann confides in Bethenny about Carole wanting her to get highlights. Bethenny doesn't like the idea. Carole then makes a comment about Luann being European that Bethenny doesn't like. Bethenny says out loud how she hates all the digs that the other ladies  get to throw all the time. Sonja whispers to Bethenny that that's what she's been trying to tell her about how they gang up on people & make insults & that she's a buisness women. Bethenny tells Sonja to relax & it's not that serious. Sonja becomes intoxicated & starts blabbing off random stuff! Bethenny tells Sonja how she needs to stop always being on the defense & she needs to take a break or a Xanax to calm down. Sonja begins to breakdown & say how Bethenny insulted her businesses & a whole bunch of crap. Luann calms her down & the other ladies chime in to stop her crying. Ramona gets upset because she doesn't want to see unhappy faces during her birthday weekend. Everything then seems peaceful... well for now atleast!   

Then, The ladies go out to party & the casino. Bethenny, Kristen, Ramona & Sonja go to the casino & the other ladies join. Ramona gets 3 black-jacks in a row! It was a coincidence because it's her birthday! Kristen wins a little bit but the others win none. 

The ladies go to the dance floor & party their booties off! To Ramona & Carole boob touching, Kristen getting her groove on, Bethenny grooving, & Sonja/Luann kissing?! Oh yeah! Dorinda was partying it up too! Then, Sonja became more belligerent & showed her conch on the stage. Luann saw this & looked shocked! 

Sonja then goes up to Bethenny to discuss the argument at the dinner. Bethenny shuts her down ASAP because she starts repeating herself back to back about how the ladies (& Bethenny) kept be-littling her buisness & PR management! Bethenny walks up & leaves the couch after her frustration sets in. 

The ladies arrive back to the suite, where Sonja continues her drunken rampage, but this time, to Dorinda! Sonja starts blabbing on & on about non-sense that I didn't understand! Dorinda kind of ignores her because she's drunk & there's no getting through to Sonja when she's drunk of course. They both go to bed but not really because Dorinda gets frustrated with her to take care of her all night.  

The next morning, the ladies have breakfast & Sonja's drunken rampage is brought up. Sonja apologizes to the other ladies & admits to her mistakes. 

Lastly, Sonja arrives in Bethenny's room to apologize for the night before' craziness. Sonja brings up how she's been going through much pressure & that's why she's been going crazy. Bethenny tells her that she needs to relax & everything is going to be ok. She says that she understands Sonja's ready to party attitude but she needs to relax sometimes. Bethenny says that Sonja needs to do something about it & the bad side of her is coming out. Sonja starts to really open her ears & play attention to her! Sonja begins to break down & Bethenny continues to preach to her in a good way! It's all to help her! Bethenny promises that she can help Sonja! Sonja says that she takes vitamins  that make her stressed out but Bethenny is NOT buying it! They both then get emotional & hug each-other after their heart to heart! 

Well.... that was a great recap!! It was long but it was a great episode! Until next week! 


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