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Party Down South 2's Karynda talks: New Season, Fight With Ashton, New Girl Kelsie, & more in our exclusive interview

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Yesterday, I got the opportunity to interview Party Down South 2's Karynda! In our interview, she talked about the New Season, New Girl Kelsie, Brawl with Ashton, & more! 

Check out the interview: 

1) Hey Karynda! Talks for chatting with me today! This is going to be fun!
Karynda: Yessir! No problem! 

2) So, let's get started! First question: How long was it after Season 1, until you filmed season 2? 
Karynda: About 7 months. 

3) I know you guys filmed Season 2 recently, but what exact months were you guys filming?
Karynda: It was from Feb-Mid March. It was really fast! That's why everyone was inactive on Social Networks for a while! 

4) How did you feel when you found out Megan wasn't retuning & a Newbie was coming into the mix?
Karynda: I was sad Megan wasn't coming back but I knew it was for good terms.. Immediately, I wanted another guy for my sake.. To look at or to party with! If it wasn't a dude, I at least wanted a single girl who would party with me. 

5) Walking back into a new house, about to see all of your roommates + a newbie, How happy were you to be back?
Karynda: It's so unexplainable how excited I was.. I missed everyone.. We argue sometimes but I love them all!! I was also excited to just be on vacation where I can drink all day everyday for a month! who wouldn't like that? Lol

6) What were you real thoughts on Newbie Kelsie? 
Karynda: She's super pretty and wow look at them kahunas.. Why can't mine look like that? Haha! Also, After I got over the whole motorboat issue, I really liked her and thought she was a nice girl.. Well still is!! It was a little later that we found out that girl can party.. By later I mean like 4 days in maybe. Raven and I would be blacked out and Keltz (that's what I call her), Would still be goin hard and remember everything! 

7) How did you feel about Bradley & Raven's argument in the latest episode?
Karynda: I was over it before it began.. They had been good for 2 days with no arguing so I had high hopes for them.. I had even told them how cute they were at one point! They don't realize that when they argue it affects everyone's day and moof especially when it's across 2 tables or in a car with 2 other people!! But then again it is hard to argue in private with 6 other people in the house. As for the content of the argument, they are both naturally flirtatious and jealous, so there's always drama with the opposite sex but I can deal with the arguing as long as I have beer! :) 

8) Given they fact that only 2 episodes have aired, Can you tell me what can the viewers expect in the upcoming eps? 
Karynda: We'll the cardiac arrest makes it appearance! I get a crush on a guy I work with and duke comes back and gets his party on and actually, spits some game and has a few potentials!! 

9) Can you explain what happened in the trailer fight between you & miss Ashton? 
Karynda: I can't say much but it got really heated! The fans will be shocked, but What I can say is that I was drunk when both of the altercations happened! 

10) Did you guys film the afterparty (reunion) yet?
Karynda: Nope, but very soon though! 

11) As of now, before the Afterparty films, Who are you cool w/ as of NOW?
Karynda: I'm cool w/ everybody! I love all of them!

-This finishes up our interview!- we will do a re-up after the show! :) #StayTuned

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