Sunday, May 3, 2015

Mob Wives Season 6: Who's returning?!

It's only been 1 month & 2 days since our favorite Fiesty ladies from Mob Wives have left our TV Screens! But I recently reported that Season 6 begins filming soon & Renee revealed the theme for the season! There is more great news that comes with the package! reported that "VH1 wants all the originals back +  Big Ang for Season 6! They also said that Drita is the main target for the season because everyone (including Jenn) despises her! The only thing is that Drita can't leave the show as she said she would due to her contract agreements with Jenn! As I reported in the other Mob Wives Post, Carla Facciolo & Ramona Rizzo are rumored to make a debut as full time this season but that's still unconfirmed! As for the 2 Natalie's, that's also unconfirmed because Nat D. hasn't got a call just yet & Natalie G most likely won't be back for the simple fact that she's landing roles in many movies & experiencing life in L.A!

Everyone is taking a little break before filming so I assume that filming starts very soon! Soon as 3/4 weeks! Last season took as long from June-August (Summer months) & maybe a little of October which then VH1 released a small snippet the end of October. 

Are you excited to hear that Season 6 will be an epic change up between the cast?! Tell me what you think on Twitter! (JayBGCBlog)

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