Monday, May 11, 2015

LHHATL: (Season 4), Episode 4 Recap!

It's time for another Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta recap! This episode was another turnt up one! Recap time!: 

The episode started off with Stevie J. playing his guitar, but that's when miss Joseline walks in the Rehabilitation center because now Stevie is allowed to have visitors. Joseline walks in & immediately tells Stevie about her sit-down with Mimi! She starts going off & calling Mimi names, which doesn't sit well with Stevie. Then, the two start talking about what they have to do to get back on track, & that includes seeing a therapist/doctor. 

Next, Kaleena & Tony are still waiting for their baby to arrive & they're going to the hospital. She feels like it's bad timing because they both are dealing with a lot. Tony then begins to explain to Kaleena that his friend/Club promoter: Kevin offered him a piece of a new club he's promoting. He says that they need to start making moves because they're running out of time. Kaleena explains to us how she dislikes Kevin due to the fact that when she was pregnant (before Love & Hip Hop), He had Tony out all night, which winded up in Tony cheating on her! Tony presses Kaleena to go with the plan for their own good, but Kaleena has no choice as of now!

Meanwhile, Rasheeda & Karlie Redd meet up to discuss Karlie's grand opening fiasco. Once the two come face to face, the insults immediately start! They both start to downgrade each-other's jobs & what they do for a living! In a matter of seconds, Karlie walks out the restaurant & the verbal altercation continues. Karlie says she's been had many businesses & how Rasheeda doesn't have nothing. They Both show that their friendship is broken & get in their cars & drive off! 

Stevie J invites Mimi to a church to discuss the Joseline meet-up! Mimi tells him how it didn't work & she was nothing but bullshit. Stevie J says that he wants his family back together & Mimi says that Joseline is the animal tearing it apart. Then somehow, Funerals get brought up & Mimi says that she will always love Stevie & will attend his funeral because she loves him like that way. 

Nikko meets his wife- Margo in her room. They both live in the same building but she's two buildings down from him. Nikko decides that it's the perfect time to tell Margo about the Mimi situation. He just blurted everything out! He started by saying Mimi set the whole sex tape thing up! Them he said that she forced him to leak it. Last, He said that he will get the book deal 25%. Margo breaks down & tells Nikko to get out. Nikko leaves & she lies down. 

Yung Joc's baby momma: Sina goes to Khadiah's office to bring her proof that her & Joc are still having sex. She walks in, sits down & opens her iPad. She shows KD the proof that they are hooking up but within 2 seconds, KD stomps on the iPad & breaks the screen. They then start arguing about who is getting Joc all to themselves. Sina walks out the office & KD goes back to work. 

Erica Dixon & her Lawyer sit down with Scrappy & his Lawyer about the Child Support issue! Both lawyers go through business papers to add up both of their sides. Erica claims that Scrappy is 40K behind, while Scrappy/His lawyer decline it. Scrap's lawyer starts to get sassy with Erica, but Erica shuts her down! Erica & Her lawyer say that they're taking Scrappy to court & they will handle it the professional way. 

Yung Joc thinks that he's in for a awesome night with Khaidah, but he is wrong! KD lores Joc in with Strawberries &Chocolate: (Exactly what Sina & Joc did). She gets on top of him & shows him the video that Sina showed her! DUN DUN DUN! Joc looks shell-shocked & was in a level of disbelief! She ties him up & leaves him for a hot second. Then, she goes to the other room & gets a belt. She starts to preach about how Joc made her look stupid in the neighborhood & he's going to get it! She hits him 3 times with the belt & continues to preach. She then shows a Strawberry dipped in Chocalate in his mouth. She leaves him tied up to the bed & slams the front door! Who knows how long he was tied up?! Haha! 

Stevie J is in the Rehab lobby, chatting with his other mates, when he gets a phone call from his Lawyer! His lawyer goes on & on & tells Stevie that the federal government has filed a charge against him for non-payment in Child support! He says that when Stevie gets out of Rehab, they will need to sort out how they can help the situation. 

Mimi, Jessica Dime, & Karlie Redd go to Kalenna's house to chat. Jessica introduces herself to Kaleena. Kaleena gets a positive vibe. Mimi discuss with the ladies about her management, Karlie discusses her blowout with Rasheeda & Erica, & Kaleena updates the ladies on her baby! All the stories seem crazy to each-other! The ladies look shocked at the stories! 

Joseline & Stevie go to talk to a therapist. They both let everything pour out to the therapist. Joseline feels that Stevie controls her, but Stevie consists that that isn't accurate. The therapist says that they both need to come to a mutual understanding & to not do anything bad or negative that will hurt their marriage. Joseline breaks down & says that she's going through a lot & she wishes Stevie will be with her & not control her. The therapist sheds some light on them & they leave on a good, kinda OK, note. 

Lastly, Joseline goes & meets Nikko's wife Margo. Joseline tells her that she's ready for the tea spilling & that's when the episode cuts off!

Until next Monday! It gets REALLY REAL! 

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