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Bad Girls Club Season 14's Alicia talks BGC, The House, The Girls,Jumping & more in our exclusive one-on-one interview!

Exclusive one-on-one interview w/ Alicia from the upcoming season of Bad Girls Club! 

-Alicia Talks Bad Girls Club Season 14, The Girls, The Experience, Jumping, & more in our exclusive one-on-one interview!  

First question(s)- How old are you & where do you originate from?
Alicia: I'm 22 years old and I was born and raised in ATL! The BOOTY CAPITAL OF THE WORLD! Hahaha!

What made you decide to do Bad Girls Club?
Alicia: I went through a gnarly break up after 5 yrs of dating & of course after every break up, You & Your ex are always constantly trying to compete with one another! So I figured why not go on TV and show him I can live and function without him hahaha. 

Have you watched past seasons before making it on? & If so, Do you have a favorite girl from a season?
Alicia: I used to grow up watching this shit and would be like "WHY WOULD ANYONE WILLINGLY SIGN UP FOR THIS" lol but I have to say Sarah & Judi are my favorites! Sarah got the booty & Judi makes me laugh! 

How many times have you tried out for BGC before actually making it? 
Alicia: This was my first and only time. I was twerking on the bar at auditions and feeding all the girls shots. When they called my name for the interview, all the girls clapped and shouted BOOTY QUEEN so I knew I had it ;)

Who were the people that you vibed with the moment walking inside the house, & who were the people you didn't vibe with walking inside the house your first day? 
Alicia: I clicked with Lauren of course because I knew her from back home so it was dope to have a homie from home! As far as disliked or dis-vibed with, Everyone was pretty cool! 

So Alicia, Let's clear this up: Were you bullied during the time you were in the house?
Alicia: Not to my knowledge. Hahaha! I'm sure there was plenty of plotting to get me out (as there is with every replacement) but the girls showed me nothing but respect to my face! 

If you can hint: How many fights were you involved in throughout your wonderful stay I should stay? 
Alicia: I can't answer that but I'm 100% sure that you & the rest of the viewers will be VERY pleased with my stay ;) Although, I can say that when I walked in, the house looked like a war-zone! 

Would/Did you ever jump & how do you feel about jumping? 
Alicia: I dont condone jumping!  Thats some weak ass shit. Shit, I dont even condone fighting. Yo, You see this face? You see this hair? That's right, Back the fuck up!

During your time in the house, Did you ever feel like the Producers manipulated you to say something or forced you to say something that you didn't think was right? 
Alicia: When I went in this house. I was on some real shit. I'm not an actress and never wanted to be. I was me the whole time. I didn't put on for the camera and I would never say anything or do anything that was out of character for me. I never did no extra shit for camera time! I think people will see that and respect me for my realness. I've never been a follower & never will be. 

As of now, Who are you cool with & who do you dislike from your season? If you can say! 
Alicia: Surprisingly, I am pretty much cool with everyone! But don't get it twisted, I know once the show airs, it's going to bring different emotions for each-other but for now, I love those hoes! Kat and B are my parents tho. They hold/held me down when I need it the most! Iam girls girl though! You won't catch me throwing shade or talking shit low key because if I got some shot to say, I'll say what I need to say if I feel compelled to say it! I want all of us to make it as well!  My girls: The twins, Tina, and Jela too. We're all some superstars forreal! This season is going to be the BADDEST SEASON YET! We are GOING DOWN IN HISTORY! Just watch! 

Do you regret leaving the house/show early as you did? 
Alicia: I do every now and then but at the time it's what I needed to do. Who knows, Maybe I'll be back another season and ima ride it out ;) You never say never! 

Was BGC what you expected & more?
Alicia: It was actually waaaaaaay different than I thought it would be. A lot goes into it behind the scenes & having a camera man in your face 24/7! It was a dope experience. I Learned a lot about myself and got to kick it with the baddest bitches. Laura the life coach included! Kat and I were fighting over her all season. 

How was/is your relationship with Laura The Life Coach?
Alicia: There was not a single time ANY of us could talk to we without crying LOL. She's so good at her job and helping us realize the harsh truths! 

What are your plans for the reunion? Anybody specifically looking to confront? 
Alicia: Can't answer that til I see the actual show and what everyone was saying/doing behind my back! Hahaha.

Last question for our first interview: How do you think you will be portrayed this season? 
Alicia: I was me, man. The girls have all said it themselves. I was real. I didn't talk shit behind their backs or behind the comfort of closed doors! Maybe I was a little too real I should say. One thing I will always say till the day I die: I don't fuck with bullies or Jumpahoes! I have 0 tolerance for that! I think that y'all will love me! I was open, & real! That's all that matters! 

Here's my first BGC14 interview! Stay tuned for more!- (The season is rumored to air in July) stay tuned for more updates! 

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