Friday, April 3, 2015

Real Housewives Of Melbourne: Gamble Interview!

This season of The Real Housewives of Melbourne was crazy than last! Recently, I got the opportunity to sit down with Bravo's newest housewife of Melbourne; Gamble Breaux! She spilled some tea about who she instantly was cool with, her beef with Janet, Her beef with Pettifleur, The reunion, and more! 

First question: What made you decide to do: The Real Housewives Of Melbourne? 
Gamble: I decided to do Real Housewives of Melbourne for the opportunity to be on a TV show without the ability to act! I LOVED the idea of getting glammed up to battle in gladiatorial style with my fellow socialites. 

What do you officially do for a living? 
Gamble: I am an art consultant, housewife and a reality TV personality on The Real Housewives of Melbourne of course!

Which of the ladies did you click with off the bat? 
Gamble: Gina was warm but understandably guarded. I thought I would get on well with Janet, however she put me off when I met her at her party.  With Lisa Tonkin (part time housewife), I clicked right from the start'.

Which of the ladies did you dislike off the bat? Did you, if any? 
Gamble: Actually, I like them all in their own ways. I've never disliked any of them, despite my differences with some. 

Your dog is super adorable! How is he doing as of now? 
Gamble: "Cash" my Pomeranian is very happy! Now, He has a little sister called "Wicket" to play with to distract him from being bored! 

When Chyka & Janet confronted you about the stripper rumors, what was really going on in your head? 
Gamble: Not much. I was just having my lunch. Never in a million years would I have suspected that rumors like that would be circulating about me. I thought you "C&$!@! Who does this to a woman on international TV?! 

Do you honestly think that Janet made up the rumor as you claimed? 
Gamble: I honestly (still to this day) don't know what to believe! She was definitely the one perpetuating the rumours in the first episode. But on the other hand, A little birdie told me it was actually Lydia who started the rumour with her close friend Carlos.

Why was the tension so thick between you & Janet at the Fashion event? 
Gamble: The fashion event was directly after the ambush lunch where Chyka and Janet told me about the wild rumours "on camera" so it actually was like: Wow, they confronted me about these rumors so of course, I'm not going to be all buddy buddy with Janet nor Chyka, the day after!

"You told everyone in Melbourne! Everyone in Melbourne, EVERYONEEE! That line is infamous! Haha! How do you feel about that? 
Gamble: I was so pissed off ! When Janet said "Everyone in Melbourne was talking about the rumours" I knew it wasn't true! It's funny now however. I can still channel that anger when I think of it.  

At the golf club event when Janet apologized & hugged you, how did you feel? 
Gamble: I had mixed feelings because I felt really disrespected, and that the "rumours" being brought up on camera would put a real slur on my reputation! 

Out of all the ladies, which one welcomed you with open arms the most?
Gamble: I think everyone was pretty much guarded so really nobody. 

How did your issues with Pettifleur come about? 
Gamble:  Petitfleur takes a shot at me every time I see her. She also asks the same question FOUR times in a row and has some kind of superiority complex. I am very annoyed also because she basically implied Gina was racist. I basically find her hard work to be around.

What can the fans expect in these next few episodes?! I'm excited to hear this! 
Gamble: My pet event is a hoot!! There is a lot of tension between the girls and a couple of big epic blow ups! 

What do you think you brought to the table on this season?
Gamble: I hope I brought some humour and fun! 

If you can describe everyone of your cast mates (including you), in one word, what would it be? 
Gamble: "Narcissistic". 

How did you come up with your housewife tagline? (Besides your name?)
Gamble: My tag line was My name is Gamble, sometimes I win, sometimes I lose. They tweaked it on me though! 

Can you give some inside scoop on how filming the reunion went? 
Gamble: Full on!!! Lot of tears and someone loses it badly! I mean badly bad! 

heard some rumors about that there was an physical altercation with you & Janet at the reunion, can you confirm or deny those allegations? 
Gamble: A rumor is like a cloud in the sky! lol

Would you do another season of The RealHousewives Of Melbourne if asked?
Gamble: Absolutely 

Which of the ladies to you still keep in touch w/ to this day?
Gamble: Gina, Lisa Tonkin and the others by text message. 

Last Question: Knowing that you have a very nice fan base, Is there anything you would like to say to your fans/ people who look up to you? Any words of advice or motivation? 
Gamble: Don't get in your own way & Don't worry about what people say about you!

Well this wraps up our one-on-one interview! Gamble is a sweet lady but don't cross her! Whose ready for the next few episodes?! 

Note: Watch The Real Housewives Of Melbourne air Every Sunday on Foxtel but Every Thrusday on Bravo TV!  


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