Saturday, March 21, 2015

RHOBH: Season 5 Season Finale First Look!

Last night, Bravo posted a 15 minute sneak peek of the SEASON FINALE of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills! Read some of the things Bravo showed below! 

Kyle & Kim wake up the next morning after their argument & have breakfast. Kyle says how their mother always said to NEVER air out your dirty laundry on T.V! Then, They talk about their sisters' Nikki's book signing & how Brandi is NOT coming/ Was never invitedKyle seems happy about this! It's not that shocking haha! 

• Lisa Rinna & her daughters are in their home talking about taking down their swing set from the backyard. Lisa Rinna says it brings back so many memories but it has to go. Lisa then talks about Kim in the confessional. She said that she was pushed to her breaking point & Kim doesn't know nothing about what Harold did because he did nothing to her. She said "Did Harry f*ck the dog"?! insinuating a joke. They take down the swing set & cheers. 

• At Nikki's book signing, everyone meets up & talks. Camille meets with Lisa V. & Kyle to talk about how their Palm Springs trip went. Kyle says that it was not good & doesn't understand how Brandi can get in between sisters. Lisa V. jokes about leaving to Kyle but it was all a joke. Kyle thinks that Brandi is going to break Kim's heart. 

Well that was basically it! Can't wait for the season finale coming SOON!

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