Sunday, March 29, 2015

RHOA: Season 7 Reunion Taping spoilers!

Yesterday, The Real Housewives of Atlanta cast finally filmed their Season 7 reunion! It was an epic & intense one according to the cast, & well even ANDY! Here are some spoilers & pictures! 

• According to the source, Kandi went OFF on Nene! 

• Demetria wasn't present but Porsha was there part time. 

• The Seating was (Left: Kandi, Kenya, & Cynthia) - Right: Andy, Phaedra, Nene, & Claudia. 

• Everyone was gunning for Porsha & nobody stuck up for her.

• Cynthia/Peter picked on Porsha the whole time. 

• Kenya & Pheadra (Rumored) argued a lot. I don't know how true because they made up! 

• There was a shocking make up! According to the source. 

• Claudia & Porsha argued a lot & Andy sat & watched. Not even jumped in once! 

• Phaedra called Andy "MESSY BOOTS" & Nene died laughing. 

• There was NO physical violence allowed or occurred! Security was well on set & didn't let no getting up allowed! 

Here's Claudia's reunion look, the reunion backstage photo, & The view of the reunion set! 

The reunion will air after this season's episodes are done. They are going on episode 21 so the finale should be soon! Let's hope it's an amazing reunion! 

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