Sunday, March 1, 2015

RHOA: (Season 7), Episode 16 Review

I will be doing my first review on Episode 16 of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta! I will be stating my honest opinions on the episode! 

Ok so, the episode started out with Apollo recording a video of him saying " Well everyone, I have arrived at the state penatentury. I'm about to go asunder. Thank you for the support & prayer! Stay tuned because you guys will be hearing from me shortly. Then, it showed Pheadra leaving the hotel suite where her, her kids & her assistant Kalisha were staying due to the fact that Apollo threatened to burn the house down so it was for their safety. Pheadra then says that her son Aiden needs some therapy because he cries for Apollo. They arrive home & Phaedra & Kalisha sit down on the sofa & she talks about how the past few days have been stressful with the Apollo situation & that she wants to call in a priest because she thinks that Apollo had left demons behind in her house. She plans an excersism to be done! A spiritual cleansing! Then, Pheadra & Kalisha both think that Aiden has been acting funny since Apollo has been gone.  Then it shows Kandi's status & they are doing her show: Kandi Koated Nights. Kandi then reveals how her & Todd have been having sex once a week & she wants to spice up their sex life! Kandi thinks that Todd is cheating due to the fact that they haven't had sex that much. Kandi comes up with a plan to go to consuling due to the less sex. They start talking about their relationship & other issues. Todd then asks Kandi " Would you marry me all over again?" Kandi rolled her eyes & she said "hmmm yeah" Then, Kandi asks Todd if he will ever marry her again. Todd rejected the question & continued the consuling conversation & they both agree to consuling. It's Cynthia's status & she is meeting up with Claudia & Kenya to spill the beans on the Phaedra's alleged Affair! Kenya brings it up but Cynthia continues the conversation with more juicy tea! Cynthia reveals that Peter & Apollo had talked about Pheadra is having an alleged affair & she's talking dirty on text messages with the African Prince named "Chocolate". Kenya looked in disbelief & starts having an emotional breakdown because Pheadra called her a whore since season 5 but now the tables have turned & she's the real whore cheating. Cynthia thinks that Phaedra has had a lying problem since the beginning & claims that she has caught her in a lot of lies. Then, the priest for Phaedra arrives & starts to bless her entire home with some nice prayers because she thinks that Apollo left a demon in her house the day before. Then, Peter & Cynthia start talking about how Kandi invited all the girls to dinner to talk about the allegation. Peter thinks that Apollo wouldn't have made the text messages about the affair up because Apollo showed Todd the messages as well so they're assuming Kandi knows now as well. Cynthia thinks that something will be revealed because Kandi, Kenya, Claudia & Cynthia all know. Peter wants Cynthia to stay out of the drama. Then  Kandi & Phaedra link up & they start talking about how the only person that has been there for her is NeNe! Kandi looks surprised because Nene & Phaedra have had beef since Season 3. Then everybody arrives at the restaurant to hash out their issues with one another. Once everybody arrived, Cynthia brought up the Pheadra affair rumor & Pheadra shut her down real quick. Kenya attempts to jump in & Pheadra gets so heated that she attempts to stand up & tries to hit Kenya with her purse! Porsha, Nene & Demetria hold her back! Phaedra, Nene, Porsha & Kandi walk out the restaurant while the others stayed. The ladies started questioning Kandi's motives for not jumping up to pull Phaedra away from Kenya immediately. They are in the parking lot talking when Kenya, Demetria, Claudia and Cynthia come outside in the parking lot to meet them by Nene's car. Then, Nene & Kenya start arguing about Phaedra's alleged affair. Everybody gets tired of the arguing & decides to leave. That's how the episode ended. 

Tbh, I'm torn between I like both clicks but it's just mind-boggling! So, With the whole Pheadra thing, I believe that she didn't cheat. Apollo probably made up those text messages himself. Cynthia was wrong for telling the others about the rumors! Snitches get stitches! No squealing! Also, Peter acted like a bitch throughout the whole rumor spreading. I wish Phaedra would've control her temper with Kenya & shouldn't have acted cray cray! That's my opinion on the whole episode! Next episode preview looks good though! All new Next Sunday at 8/7c on Bravo! 

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