Monday, March 9, 2015

BGC: Love Games - Brandon interview

If you have watched the Bad Girls Club Spinoff: Love Games, you would know who this is! It's Brandon from Season 4 of Love Games! He talked about his experience on Love Games & talked a little about who he was the closest to + more! Read below:

1) First question: What is your full name? 
Brandon: My full name is originally BraNNue LIFE. 

2) Where are you originally from?
Brandon: I'm originally from Birmingham, Alabama, but now I'm living in NYC

3) Why did you decide to do Love Games? 
Brandon: Honestly, I've always wanted to do a reality show every since I use to watch Real World. 

4) Which girl in the house did you click with the most?
Brandon:  Me and Camilla really clicked but only when she wasn't in her game mode. Overall, I had my moments with each girl! Amy was cool and down to earth, & Danni was a real sweetheart when she was being all emotional! 

5) Which guy in the house did you click with the most? 
Brandon:  I guess Devin & I got real cool on the show. I guess because we have the same taste in women lol :) 

6) If you had to pick which challenge was the most intense & fun out of all the others, which one (only one) would you pick? 
Brandon: I liked The Challenge when the ex-girlfriends came. That's when it got juicy on the show! 

7) With all the fighting going on in the house between Shane & Taylor constantly, what were you the most focused on?
Brandon: I was really focusing on keeping everybody off my back! Its funny because I didn't know who I was in alliance with by that point. I made a lot of moves off camera! It was so much that they had to remind me that I needed to be filmed! 

8) On a scale from 1-10, how intense were the eliminations? 
Brandon: In the beginning, The eliminations weren't that intense because you kinda knew who was going home by participation. Especially when it got down to like 8 people! That's when the heat got turned up. 

9) Were you upset that you didn't make it to the finale?
Brandon: I had mix feelings about that. I was upset that I didn't stick with the plan to stay working with Amy, but I wasn't so sure if I could trust her. Camilla was all over the place so I wasn't sure about her either. It was mind blowing but that prize would've looked good in my account though! It's no problem!

10) How was the Love Games: experience overall?
Brandon: Overall the experience was priceless, Not many people can say they been on a Reality TV show! I have no regrets what so ever! I would tell anybody if they have an opportunity to be on a Reality Show & then just go for it. 

11) Do you keep in touch with anybody from the house?
Brandon: Nope! I only keep in touch over social media with the guys only! It's Me, Devin, Tyrone, and Dre are still good. I even reach to Max too. He's really doing good with his Magic! 

12) Is there anything that you would like to tell your fans that they don't know about you or anything else fun that you are doing as of after the show now?
Brandon: I really want thank all my fans for their continued support. I was everybody to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube. Here's the link

13) What are you up to since the show? Any new projects? :)
Brandon: I have a new Album coming out in (late April early May) called "The Mixologist". Here's on of the singles FRIEND ZONE available on iTunes. 

"Don't get so caught up into making a living that you forget to live your life." - Brandon 

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