Sunday, February 15, 2015

Real World Skeletons : Limo + House fight!

Bruno flips out on the entire house (mainly his brother, Tony, Tony's brother, & Sylvia) The limo argument started because Bruno had called Sylvia "Violetta" & Sylvia hit him but Bruno was joking & Bruno got upset. He started yelling & screaming in Sylvia's face & calling her all types of names. Then he punched (I guess the air freshener) & was almost close to hitting Sylvia but I know for sure that Bruno wasn't going to & will never hit her. Then he flipped out on Nicole for holding him back. Then he flipped out on Violetta & told her "Get the fuck outta here" because Violetta had Sylvia's back. Then Tony put his finger in Bruno's face & Bruno slapped his finger. Them Briah (Bruno's brother) tried to calm Bruno down & then he slapped Briah's hand. Bruno walked up & tried opening the door but banging it 3 times & leaving the limo. Nicole followed behind him. 

MTV hasn't showed a sneak peek of the Shane & Bruno fight yet! I don't know how it started but Bruno charged Shane & all hell broke loose! 

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